Why Data Science?

5 reasons to choose a career in Data Science

Two revolutions have shaped modern humans the most. First was the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the other is the ongoing software & IT revolution that started in late 20th century. No other revolutions have had such a profound effect on our development as humans. But as they say, that the seeds of the next revolution are sown in the preceding one, the next revolution has already started showing its early signs. With improving quality of life, we are now generating huge volume of data every day. This data when analysed and interpreted is in turn helping to improve our lives further. Also, with every passing day, the capability of our machines to process such large volume of data is also increasing manifold. Hence, the next revolution that will shape human evolution will be the data revolution.

The need to analyse and interpret data is leading to the development of a new field called Data Science. It is emerging as a hot job destination prompting early pioneers to learn data science. In fact, a glassdoor survey conducted already confirms this theory and shows that Data Scientist appears in the top five jobs for the year 2020 in the US. However, to make a mark in this field, one has to upgrade skills in data science.

So, why should one choose to become a Data Scientist over conventional careers? Here are the top five reasons to learn Data Science and seriously look to upgrade skills in data science.

1. Data management infrastructure. According to Forbes, humans are generating 2.5 Quintillion (10^18) bytes of data every day anonymously or otherwise. This number is expected to grow exponentially very soon. This tsunami will require a robust infrastructure to store, process and manage data. Data Science is the answer to this problem.

2. Data analysis and interpretation: Having rich data is one thing and making sense of it is another. Data Science is the key that helps to analyse as well as interpret rich insights out of such huge quantum of data.

3. Data Privacy Regulations: The stringent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted in Europe in 2018 gives protection on data privacy and other data related issues. Other countries too are expected to enact similar regulations very soon. This will require organisations to have qualified Data Scientists on-board to stay on the right side of law.

4. Promising Field: According to a survey conducted by Linked In, Data Scientist emerged as the most promising career option for 2019. And this is not a fad that will pass away in a few years.

5. AI, ML and IoT: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things have started making their presence felt in various sectors like Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Transportation and Mobility, BFSI, Government and Defence, Retail, Healthcare, Telecom to name a few. In fact the market for these technologies is expected to grow threefold in five years!

These technologies work on data and also produce a lot of it. These are technologies of the future and will have profound impact on not only the way we work, but also the way we live.

Hence, individuals who want to grow in this field have to learn data science or at least upgrade skills in data science to stay ahead of the curve. To get equipped with the knowledge of this field, it is very important to go to the right place where these skills could be learnt or upgraded.

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As humans, we are entering a very exciting phase. A new revolution is unfolding itself very fast. This is the time to take a plunge in the revolution and make your early mark. Make the right decision and be future-ready!