Salary range of Python developer

What is the salary range of a Python developer?

30 November, 2022

Every developer is known that Python is one of the most frequently used programming languages globally. Despite its popularity, there is a common myth that Python is not in demand. As you can see, this is false! In reality, Python is one of the most demanding languages, and Python programmers are among the highest-paid developers in the world. According to statistics, a Python developer's annual salary in the US is on average $90,000.

The flexible computer language Python has a wide range of uses. As a result, the average Python developer salary will vary greatly depending on the application area.

The salary for Python developers varies depending on their positions and level of expertise. A Python developer may work as a data scientist, application developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer, or web developer, to list a few professions. The experience level also includes Senior Python Developer, Junior Python Developer, and Entry-Level Python Developer.

By enrolling in a reputable online Python training course, you can start your path toward becoming a Python developer. However, the ranges of their salary are as follows.

python developer salary

Salary of Python Developer based on Role

1. Data Scientists

Python is one of the best languages for various data science applications and projects. Working with mathematical, statistical, and scientific functions is a breeze with Python. It provides top-notch libraries for working with data science applications.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the scientific and research areas due to its simplicity and use. Because of this, even those without engineering skills may quickly learn how to utilise it. Furthermore, it works better for rapid prototyping. In terms of application fields, Python is also popular among data scientists that work in machine learning.

The minimum salary of Data Scientists is approx. $70,000 per year.

2. DevOps Engineers

The effective operation of an organization's IT network is the responsibility of a technical specialist. Together with developers, they deliver and manage code modifications. To keep the systems running, they collaborate closely with the employees. To be successful in this role, a DevOps engineer needs a strong technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of both the development and operations processes. The importance of a technical specialist is increasing as business depends a growing on technology. There is a great demand for those who can help businesses improve their IT technology and procedures.

Being proficient in Python is a requirement for a DevOps engineer. An average DevOps engineer equates to roughly $90,000 per year.

3. Software Developers

Finding, building, implementing, and testing software applications that they have built from the ground up for a business are all part of a software developer's job description. Anything from creating a system that can be purchased and sold on the open marketplace to creating internal programmes that help increase a company's productivity can be included. After delivering the finished software system, software engineers will help with maintaining and updating the programme to ensure that any security issues are fixed and that it performs with new databases. Software developers create applications that enable users to carry out specific tasks on computers or mobile devices, while other developers focus on the supporting systems that control networks. A Python-using software developer makes around $100,000 annually.

4. Software Engineers

Developing software for your company using the Python programming is your duty as a Python-using software engineer. Your duties may include creating a brand-new application, integrating Python software into an operational system, or performing bug-finding tests on the current code. A Python software developer typically makes around $91,000 per year.

Salary ranges of Python Developers based on Level of Experience

1. Entry level Python Developer

The primary responsibility of a Python developer at the entry level is to create scripts or code in Python to assist more seasoned developers or project managers. They are in charge of QA test execution, tool debugging, and assistance with application software development. The many workflow techniques that developers typically employ, such as Agile Scrum, should be somewhat recognisable to a beginning Python coder. An entry-level Python developer must possess a bachelor's degree in computer science or a closely related field and be proficient in coding or scripting. Their annual income ranges from approximately $60,000 to $112,000.

2. Junior Python Developer

In order to create computer Python programs that is efficient and modular, junior Python programmers work in the background of more experienced individuals. As a novice Python developer, you must be able to create lots of testing process for your code to make sure that all feature is being achieved. Additionally, as a significant portion of your career will involve training under older engineers, you must be able to collaborate well with others and interact well. They make roughly $115,500 a year on average.

3. Senior Python Developer

The senior Python developer participates in all phases of the software development lifecycle and mentors’ junior engineers. Additionally, as a Senior Python developer, you are responsible for developing the server-side web application logic. You should also be able to construct back-end components, incorporate third-party web services into the Python programme, and assist front-end developers by utilising their work. Senior Python coders often make between $135,000 and $150,000 per year.


Finally, enrolling in an online Python certification may help you land a job and earn a respectable salary annually.