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Why Prognoz

Prognoz is one of the Best Online & Offline based Python Training Institute in Mumbai providing 100% Placement and has its head office in Navi Mumbai (Vashi). This python training course in mumbai includes placement and focuses on Real Life projects in Python with Django and Flask.


Why Learn Python

For starters, it is extremely easy to learn, and can be used as a stepping stone into other programming languages and frameworks. Next, Python is popular so it's widely used. So popular, that it's used by a number of tech giants like Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo!, Disney, IBM, Nokia, and more. Once you learn Python, you'll never have a shortage of ways to utilize the skill. Not to mention, because a lot of big companies rely on the language, you can make good money as a Python developer.

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What is the best way to select Python Training Institute in Mumbai which also provides placement?

For selecting the right institute for getting and where you stand a fairly good chance of getting a job after training, you should look for the following:

What is the Course Content of Python Developer Course?

The python developer course shall not only cover basic and advanced python but should also include the database, front end programming, python web frameworks like Django and Flask and finally python library functions like numpy, pandas, matplotlib used for data analysis with python. As per Industry requirements, even for python development, one should have knowledge of all the related technologies so as to develop a complete application with python that includes front end, back end and database.

Real Life Projects with Python and its frameworks like Django, Flask

During the course, you should be able to complete minimum two end to end applications covering front end, back end and database. Working on any project, even on a live project, where you do not get to develop end to end application, is not beneficial.

What is the experience of trainers in providing best Python training

Trainers should comprise of well educated and highly experienced professionals from Training Institutes, Academics and Industry. The different domain professionals shall be involved in delivering the training during the entire course duration.

Is real time training provided? Do you get opportunity to learn offline at a time of your choice?

The training should be provided real time, whether in Online mode or Offline mode, by the faculty. In addition, enough study material to be provided to you either in text or digital format, including videos, which you can study at a time of your choice.

Does training program demands your active participation?

For the quality training in python, the training program shall be based on maximum interactive mode to ensure active participation of each trainee during the entire duration of the course, whether in Online mode or Offline mode.

Which Python classes in Mumbai focus on the Quality of the training?

The training program should be conducted with heavy focus on the process and must have embedded checks and controls in our processes to ensure the best quality every time.

Is there focus and care on the individual trainee?

The batches should run with low strength batches, mainly for the reason that every trainee can be given enough attention and support on individual basis.

Conducting frequent tests and providing the feedback on performance.

The training programs should include quizzes/tests on each topic and marks obtained in the tests should be communicated to the trainee.

Conducting mock interviews & group discussions as a part of placement readiness process.

The mock interviews and group discussions shall form essential parts of the curriculum.

Are trainees groomed in communication and analytical skills?

Since the first ting a graduate goes through during the job interview is Aptitude and further placement process are conducted only after success in the Aptitude test, it becomes important that trainings on Aptitude is included in the course curriculum.

How does the training institute fare in Python Interviews & Placements as Developer?

The python training company should have tie-ups with companies and should provide unlimited interviews and ensure that each trainee gets job by providing him/her adequate support till he/she gets a job.