Student Placement Program for Colleges

This employability skills program is targeted towards placement of final year students with Job Assurance and is especially offered to Colleges providing Engineering / MCA / BCA / B.Sc.(IT) and M.Sc.(IT) degrees.

The Process

We tie up with colleges for enhancing the employability skills of the final year students and bridge the gap in skills as required by IT industries. The students complete the Final Year Project during this program and also get get skilled in the Technology of their choice. In addition, their Communication and Interview Facing Skills as well as Mathematical, Reasoning and English Aptitude are also enhanced. After successful completion of the program, the students are provided with Job (Assured) in reputed companies in India

Duration of the Program

The duration of the program is 6 Months. This program is offered in Residential / Non Residential mode. In the Residential mode, the students are provided Lodging and Boarding at actual costs. This skill development cum placement program is provided as per the Convenience of the College.

Benefits to the College

  • Assured Placement of Students
  • College Placement Increases
  • Introduction of New Courses
  • Increase in number of New Admissions

Benefits to the Students

  • Final Year Project Completion
  • Gains skills in Technology of choice
  • Enhancement in Communication Skills and Aptitude.
  • Assured Job in Technical field of choice

For Enquiry, Please Call -- 9892582661 / 8369514677